Thursday, April 10, 2008

Heard about Vision Training but don’t know where to go ?

Heard about Vision Training but don’t know where to go ?

SportsEyeSite is the answer. Almost everything your player does starts with their eyes and the visual information they gather. Their eyes and what they see are the primary way they access information - 80% of the billions of cells in their brain have a visual connection.

Learning to gather the right visual information and proc­ess it efficiently can pay big dividends on the ­field.

The SportsEyeSite training regimen increases the athlete’s ability to gather and process complex infor­mation quickly. The bottom line is athletes are able to collect more information, recognize visual cues earlier and make better decisions faster – hence their performance improves.

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Imagine the increase in performance that results from being able to recognize the type of pitch being thrown within the first three feet of it leaving the pitchers hand, or the direction a tennis serve will take before it leaves the opponents racquet or the direction a running back will take before he takes his first step. For these same reasons defensive play will improve also.

The SportsEyeSite training package contains everything your players need to raise their visual game to its full potential The training package challenges all 14 eye muscles with the multiple forms of eye movements essential for athletic success, including
· Saccades (quick switches) – needed to see important details ,
· Pursuits (smooth tracking) – greatly assists eye-hand coordination.
· Vergences (focusing the fourteen muscles for clarity) – essential to maintain depth per­ception when the athlete, the ball or their opponent is in motion,
· Fixation (the ability to stop all eye movements and look at one specific spot) – required to gather the detailed information necessary from a specific visual cue andrelease (the ability to move on to the next fixation spot) – crucial for allowing your attention to move forward to the next task.

The SportsEyeSite develops and enhances visual information processing skills that are the guiding stimulus for performance response and all the exercises are designed to en­hance the foundational building blocks that effect performance on the field.

The role of vision in sports can’t be ignored. The body won’t move until directed by the brain and the brain can’t engage until the eyes see something to initiate action. Just as physical conditioning and practice is necessary to train muscles and refine body move­ments for peak performance, vision training is needed to fine-tune the eyes for optimum achievement.

Try SportsEyeSite training today. Team prices are now available for Coaches. I look forward to seeing your team on our site.

Sincerely, Dr.Bill
Dr. Bill Harrison

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