Monday, April 20, 2009


A lot of MLB players want fact have done so for over thirty years. In fact, about ten days ago a veteran player withg a lifetime batting average of .300 called me and asked me what he should do. He said the poor numbers on the scoreboard were eating him us and those awful demons had started to talk to him while he was hitting. After some thought and discussion of just what was happening during his at-bats, we agreed to a plan. The plan was to go back to the basics, to relax his body in the on deck circle, get calm and focused on seeing the ball in the box, to increase his effort on seeing the ball early and tracking the late action intently. Well he went 6-12 in the following three games and the scoreboard numbers looked a lot better to him. So, the point is, even veteran MLB players have some of the challenges--thinking too much and not seeing enough!

- Dr. Bill Harrison

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