Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dayton Flyers Improve Team BA to .332

"Just like any other coach, I have always emphasized the importance of seeing the baseball well at the plate. In the past, we have tried different drills and gimmicks to help our guys see it better, but it wasn't until Ryan presented his information to our team that we finally understood what it meant to see the baseball. Learning how the eyes work and how we can manipulate our eyes to have better focus and tracking skills, our 2009 team finished as one of the best offenses in all of D1 baseball. Along the way we shattered every major statistical record in program history and won our first conference championship! Statistically, we raised our batting average .44 points as a team (288 to .332), we hit 45 more doubles, 11 more triples and an astonishing 49 more home runs as a team. These types of improvements don't just happen by chance. Without question, we attribute our success to Ryan and SlowTheGameDown. "

Brian Harrison
Assistant Baseball Coach
University of Dayton

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