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Kansas City Royals’ All-Star
Second Baseman 
Cookie Rojas
In 1973, Kansas City Royals’ All-Star Second Baseman Cookie Rojas said to me, “Doc, I am now 34 years old. After playing some form of organized baseball for over twenty years, it is rather amazing that you have been able to teach me things about the game I never knew. Your ideas have helped me defensively, running the bases and as a hitter. I’ve also seen the positive benefits received by our Royals pitchers. You have to write a book about this.”

It took me 43 years, but I have now written that book. Actually it turned out to be three books. One book, “How2Focus: Like the Pros is more historical about the ideas I introduced to baseball in the early 1970’s, how they were used by various coaches and managers, and how what was refined with George Brett and the Kansas City Royals was a factor in the San Francisco Giants, whose hitting coach Hensley Bam-Bam Meulens embraced the ideas, beating the Royals in the 2014 World Series.

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As I wrote “How2Focus: Like the Pros” with an emphasis on the great experiences I had with a very progressive baseball organization and dynamic people—owner Ewing M. Kauffman, Syd Thirft, Mr. Kaufman’s  Executive Director for his very innovative Kansas City Royals Baseball Academy, hitting Guru Charley Lau, I realized I needed to additionally write about the many great baseball hitter’s I have had the privilege of imparting my ideas on the visual side of the game,

Dr. Bill Harrison, George Brett,
Frank Ortenzio
 and Al Autry in 1971
The second book, “How2Focus: The Hitter’s Zone” has a lot to do with how George Brett used the ideas, gave me feedback, and after refinement the ideas were used successfully by Rod Carew, Tony Gwynn, Barry Bonds, Jason Giambi, Mike Sweeney, Sean Casey, Shawn Green, Carlos Delgado and others.

In writing the second book, I reflected on the  many Major League Baseball pitchers I have had the opportunity to work with through the years. So a  third book resulted ,“How2Focus: The Pitcher’s Zone” which is about visual and mental side of the game methods introduced to Kansas City Royals pitchers Paul Splittorff and Mark Littell and eventually embraced by Hall of Fame pitcher Greg Maddux.
Dr. Bill with current players
such as Kevin Pillar

I trust the books will help many players reach their goals, help coaches enhance their coaching, and help parents understand what it is like for their child to play and how they can improve their baseball performance abilities.

I hope you enjoy

Dr. Bill

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