Tuesday, June 28, 2016

So I Can See, But I Can't

So I Can See But, I Can't. 

After being diagnosed with Choroidal Melanoma, (yes the Eye Guy with the Eye Problem) I underwent a procedure that radiated the tumor. Six months post op I am told that I am 20/20. Pretty good, right?

But I can't see.

Now I can see enough to get away with everyday life and enjoy it.

But I can't see.

I can play catch, I can shoot a basket, I can hit a ball and I can kick a ball

But I can't see.

Like many athletes I don't like to be told I can't.  So when the show me white/black letters in a  small room.  I can make them out.

But I can't see.

I am 20/20

But I can't see.

It is easy to see from the couch, or the stands

But I can't see.

To get in the net, to step in the box, to score a touchdown  at I high level  I MUST see

and I can't 

Seeing in sport is not all about being 20/20.  Its the ability to process visual information and react with the appropriate action.  

What I can't see is high level change in velocity, I can't see accurate depth,  I can't see HD detail.  All that is important to being a efficient and excellent athlete.  

In my case I will not have the vision restored to compete at a high level nor do I need to. But for athletes out there that are trying to make it to a high level  this feature is trainable.( assuming no visual problems).  

Aspiring athletes train their body why are they not training their visual skills?

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