Monday, May 11, 2009

Ryan Visits the REDS

11 Days ago I returned from Cincinnati after working 3 days with the Cincinnati Reds. First of all what a great experience and am thankful for the opportunity to work with everyone.

The Reds are a classy organization. Dr. Bill and I have not worked with the Reds the last 3 years after working with them for 8 years. It was a great welcome to be called back this spring at the request of Dusty Baker. In fact Dusty was willing to bring us in out of his own pocket.

Working side by side with Coach Jacoby has been one of the best experiences in working with MLB teams and players. Brook’s hitting philosophy coincides with our visual approach to hitting. He agrees with the various visually-oriented techniques including to SlowTheGameDown by getting ready early and get the eyes in a good position to receive the ball.

The players were very receptive and saw how training and techniques could help them be more consistent. We know that just like all players, they can get away from the basic "see the ball".

The team has responded in a great way. I know they have done well the last 11 games, but I found the following stats on the MLB site for the last 7 days only.
Over the last 7 days , the Reds ranked in all MLB Teams:

Reds have been 1st in the MLB in:

BA .336 (.308)( 2nd is in parenthesis),

SLG. in .576 ( .500),

OBP .389 ;

TB 144 (112);

HR 14 (12);

RBI 46 (43);

H 84 (73);

R 50 (46);

1st in lowest K 37 in 7 games ( Arizona had 59).

Dusty, Brook, Mark Mann , Matt Krause and the players deserve all the credit. also deserve a lot of credit. The front office led by Walt Jocketty also deserve a lot of credit for setting up a great system.

SlowTheGameDown Provides visual performance training to athletes of all caliber.

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